Participation in projects

CERTIFIKAT d.o.o. participates in three projects.

The first project is “Introducing a Business Process and Quality Management System (ISO and similar standards)”. The aim of the project is to achieve applicable standards of internationally recognized levels of quality and safety in the system of exchange goods and services through increased use of recognized standards that contribute to customer confidence.

The second project is an investment in the development of an ICT business solution and the procurement of IT equipment. This project deals with the procurement of IT equipment under the project: “Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs through information and communication technologies (ICT) -2”, also funded by European Union funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

The third project, entitled “Increasing the development of new products and services arising from R&D activities – Phase II”, is to co-finance the development of new products (goods and services), technologies and business processes by increasing private R&D investment, and enhancing the capacity of R&D and innovation of company, through fostering their collaboration with partners including collaboration with research and dissemination organizations. The project would boost the economy through research and innovation.

Within all three projects, Certifikat d.o.o. is advancing and consolidating its foundation, thanks to grants, which further refine its knowledge and provide only the best to its employees and users of its services.