High school appretince program „Poduzmi“

Certifikat d.o.o. is, for the second year in a row, part of an apprentice  program called “Enterprises” launched by the Vukovar High  School of Economics. It is a project through which interested students of third and fourth grade, who otherwise do not have practical classes in their program, can acquire practical knowledge.

The director of the School of Economics in Vukovar, Mira Majstorović, explained that the practice was not foreseen by the compulsory school program, but that it was actually a failure because it was really needed.

“This is precisely why we have decided to provide our students with this form of further education. Participation in this presentation and meeting with entrepreneurs was not obligatory for our students, but we are pleased that a large number of them recognized the importance of this project and responded to it, ”said headmaster Majstorović, noting that they have already started this project at the Vukovar School of Economics by curricular reform.

“Through this program, students can practically apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired and become familiar with business processes and thus prepare themselves for the job market by acquiring managerial and key skills in a new modeled way with a holistic approach,” said Ivana Radoš, economics group teacher and project manager .

Deputy Mayor Mujkić stressed  that she was pleased with this project, which opens up many new opportunities and knowledge for young people. “The City of Vukovar has mediated the merger of students with entrepreneurs, most of them from Vukovar, and most of them have just been housed in the Business and Innovation Center, BIC – Vukovar. When graduating ftžrom high school, students are often surprised by the demands and processes of the business world, and being involved in this project enables them to acquire practical skills and knowledge that they cannot acquire in school, ”said deputy mayor Mujkić.